Policies & Guidelines

Group Sustainability Policy (GSP)

FGV’s sustainability efforts are guided by its Group Sustainability Policy (GSP). The GSP, which is now in its fifth iteration, sets out the overarching framework for FGV’s sustainability agenda. The GSP comprises three pillars, namely promoting inclusive economic growth, respecting human rights, and protecting the environment. The GSP applies to the whole of FGV Group including its listed and non-listed subsidiaries worldwide as well as to FGV’s contractors, consultants, suppliers, vendors and all other third-party companies associated with them.

Promoting Inclusive Economic Growth

  • Enhancing Livelihood
  • Profitability and Efficient Use of Resources
  • Obligation of Value Chain Partners

Respecting Human Rights

  • Equality and Non-Discrimination
  • Upholding Labour Standards
  • Respecting Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities
  • Health and Safety
  • Preventing Harassment and Abuse

Protecting the Environment

  • Efficient Use of Natural Resources
  • Managing Environmental Impacts
  • No Deforestation and Planting on Peat
  • Protect High Biodiversity Value (HBV) & High Conservation Value (HCV) areas
  • Protection of Species
  • Limitations on the Use of Hazardous Chemicals and Agrochemicals
  • No Open Burning/Use of Fire
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Addressing Climate Change

Guidelines and Procedures for Responsible Recruitment and Employment of Migrant Workers

Consistent with our commitment to human rights, FGV strives to ensure that the rights of its employees including migrant workers are always respected and fulfilled. Acknowledging that migrant workers may face a higher risk of falling victim to exploitation during the recruitment process, we are taking all necessary steps to protect the rights of our migrant workers. As part of this effort, FGV has revised and strengthened its Guidelines and Procedures for the Responsible Recruitment and Employment of Migrant Workers (GPRREMW). The enhanced GPRREMW, which was adopted in May 2022, not only provides greater clarity on the recruitment procedures, but also reinforces FGV’s commitment to ethical recruitment principles and standards by emphasizing among other things, its ‘no recruitment fee’ policy. The GPRREMW also outlines the requirements and procedures relating to pre-departure and post-arrival briefing and orientation, placement, working and living conditions as well as termination and repatriation.

Policy Statement and Guidelines on Respecting and Protecting Children’s Rights

As part of its commitment to sustainability and human rights, FGV has adopted a Policy Statement and Guidelines on Respecting and Protecting Children’s Rights. The Policy Statement and Guidelines serve to further strengthen FGV’s efforts in ensuring the enjoyment of human rights by children under its duty of care. The Policy Statement and Guidelines were developed with reference to the relevant national laws and international standards including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, International Labour Organization (ILO)’s Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, among others. It covers various aspects of children’s rights, including equal treatment of children, child protection, adequate living conditions, access to education, prevention of child labour and promotion of children’s rights. The Policy Statement and Guidelines also emphasise FGV’s zero tolerance towards any form of child labour, child exploitation and abuse or violence against children in its operations and supply chain.

Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC)

FGV’s commitment to sustainability does not end at our operations. We strongly believe that sustainability standards must be fulfilled throughout the supply chain. Recognizing the need to ensure that our suppliers and contractors also commit and adhere to the same values and principles that we embrace, FGV has adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC), outlining the principles and standards relating to sustainability; business ethics and integrity; safety, health and environment; and labour, among other things. With the SCOC, any supplier or contractor wishing to enter into a business partnership with FGV is required to commit to and apply the principles and standards stipulated by the SCOC.

Safety and Health Policy

FGV is committed to delivering value to our stakeholders by operating in a sustainable and responsible manner.

This includes providing a safe and healthy workplace to balance the business objectives.

Environmental Policy Statement

As one of Malaysia’s leading agri-business with global operations, FGV is committed to upholding and setting exemplary environmental practices in all of its business operations by operating in a sustainable and environmentally-responsible manner.

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