With 50 years of experience in the rubber business, FGV prides itself as one of the top Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) producers in Malaysia.

Incorporated in 1995, FGV Rubber Industries Sdn. Bhd. (FGVRISB)  is  one  of  the  largest   Standard  Malaysian  Rubber  (SMR)  producers  in   Malaysia  with  4  factories  throughout  Malaysia. We also own 1   Latex  Concentrate  factory  in  Thailand, 1 factory in Cambodia producing Cambodian Standard Rubber (CSR)  and  1 factory  in Indonesia producing  Standard  Indonesian  Rubber (SIR). We are also the sole producer of quality green rubber products namely, Ekoprena (ENR) and  Pureprena  (DPNR)  in Malaysia. Our products are well accepted worldwide.

We have obtained accreditation from major global tyre  manufacturers  for  all  the existing SMR factories such as the Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, Kumho, Goodyear, Giti and Toyo. We have regular engagements with the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB), the custodian of the Rubber Industry in Malaysia as well as Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC) in London.

In addition to oil palm, we cultivate and harvest cup lumps on more than 60,000 hectares of rubber plantations which we process to produce premium Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR).

We aim to be a global leader in  natural rubber processing, and continuously strive to offer high quality products and services through good manufacturing and eco-friendly practices.

Total Group Production Capacity

276,000 MT


186,000 MT

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 17025:2017


24,000 MT

ISO 9001:2015


18,000 MT

ISO 9001:2015


48,000 MT

ISO 9001:2015


We offer various grades of high quality natural rubber which meet Technical Specified Rubber (TSR) specification. All factories are certified by Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) as SMR Factory. Operations are supported by two in-house accredited laboratories with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

  • Standard Malaysian Rubber
    – SMR10
    – SMR20
    – SMR10CV
    – SMR20CV
  • Standard Indonesian Rubber
    – SIR20
  • Cambodian Standard Rubber
    – CSR10
  • Standard Thailand Rubber
    – STR5CV60
    – STR5CV50
  • High Ammonia Latex Concentrate 60% DRC
  • Low Ammonia Latex Concentrate 60% DRC
  • Medium Ammonia Latex Concentrate 60% DRC

FELDACV60 (Constant Viscosity) – Equivalent to SMRCV60

FELDACV50 (Constant Viscosity) – Equivalent to SMRCV50

Mixture Rubber for China Market – (wet & dry process)

FELDAGP – ( Equivalent to SMRGP – general purposes )

FGVRISB has been awarded exclusive rights by the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) to produce ‘Green Rubber’ under the brand names ‘Ekoprena’ and ‘Pureprena’. Commercial production of Ekoprena and Pureprena at our Palong 8 factory had commenced in end-2012.

EKOPRENA™ is a form of epoxidised natural rubber (ENR) and it is an established class of specialty rubber obtained by epoxidation of natural rubber (NR) latex.

Two commercial grades offered are ENR25 and ENR50 for tyres and non-tyres.

ENR latex been introduced for work further on “water-base” which more environmental friendly to replace “solvent-base”.

PUREPRENA™ is a new generation of Deproteinized Natural Rubber (DPNR) which is produced by treating fresh natural latex with an industrial enzyme which hydrolyses all natural-occurring proteins in the latex into water-soluble forms.

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