Working in a male-dominated field means that she has to work twice as hard to prove that she deserves to be there. As the Head of Business Operations at FGV Rubber Industries Sdn. Bhd., Nurul Izyan Ab Rahim has experienced this first hand but to her, it was all worth it.

Nurul Izyan started with the company as an executive in Human Resources, which meant she had continuous engagement with those at the operations and on the field. In doing so, she learned the business and was able to gain the support from her colleagues.

“I am grateful to have met those who were willing to teach and guide me in this field. I have the utmost respect for my seniors and I was very determined to be the best that I could so that I would not let them down,” said Nurul Izyan.

Apart from manufacturing of Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR), Nurul Izyan is also involved in the company’s production of green rubber, a subject that she is very passionate about.

Green rubber is yet to be commercially driven but has the potential to expand in the future. Nurul Izyan and her team are also looking into the downstream business that could increase the company’s earnings.