KUALA LUMPUR, 05 August 2019

FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV) is pleased to report that the Complaints Panel (CP) of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has lifted the suspension on FGV’s Serting Complex and reinstated its RSPO certification effective 5th August 2019.

The CP based its decision on the actions implemented by FGV since the suspension of the Serting Complex in November 2018. Furthermore, the CP expressed satisfaction that FGV has fulfilled the major conditions that were laid out for rectification and is confident that FGV will continue to meet the milestones in its action plan.

In response to its suspension eight months ago, FGV had developed an action plan to address the concerns raised by the CP, and steps were taken to rectify any gaps in its practices. To date, FGV has submitted two quarterly progress reports to update RSPO on the implementation of its action plan.

The lifting of the suspension sets FGV back on track to achieve full RSPO certification by the end of 2020.

“This decision by the CP is welcomed and serves to reinforce our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices,” FGV’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Haris Fadzilah Hassan said.

“FGV will continue to take all necessary measures to entrench respect for human rights throughout our operation. We shall be true to our genesis as an organisation founded on the principles of social equity,” Haris Fadzilah added.

Meanwhile, the RSPO will continue to monitor the implementation of our action plan. FGV is confident of meeting all of RSPO’s requirements in this regard.

To date, 34 of FGV’s total 68 mills are certified and it is anticipated that a further 32 complexes will be ready for auditing by the end of this year.