KUALA LUMPUR, 27 October 2014

Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (FGV), the world’s largest producer of Crude Palm Oil (CPO), has signed two distribution agreements for its ultra-high quality graphene and will be at the forefront of a manufacturing revolution, said Group President and Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah.

Speaking at the Lux Research-NanoMalaysia Forum 2014, Dato’ Mohd Emir outlined FGV’s Graphene Technology & Business Road Map, and said the product would be a game changer in industries such as oil and gas, construction, electronics, defence, aviation and automotive.

Dato’ Mohd Emir explained: “Graphene is going to change the way we live in the future; it is going to change the behaviour of consumers; it is going to improve costs, shorten production cycles and enhance efficiencies. At FGV we are leading the way in its commercial development, production and distribution and we are at the start of an exciting journey that will transform not only the manufacturing sector but also our own downstream activities.”

Dato’ Mohd Emir added: “Together with our ultra-high quality graphene, FGV will also forge Supplier-Developer Partnerships with manufacturers to develop and co-patent specific manufacturing applications using our IPs and our scientific knowledge base.”

An advanced material made from a CPO by-product, graphene and related products such as Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) are more conductive than copper, and stronger than diamond, making them ideal components for high-value manufacturing activities.

Through FGV Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd (FGV-CNS), a start-up company from University of Cambridge, FGV is the first company in the world to pioneer and produce the highest standard of graphene on an industrial scale. FGV-CNS is 70%-owned by FGV.

On Monday, FGV said it signed two distribution agreements for its graphene, giving it market access to key manufacturing hubs throughout the Asia Pacific region. The agreements are between FGV-CNS and Hong Kong-based RSG Limited and Graphene CNT Pty Ltd of Australia. The deals, which come into effect on 1 February, 2015, will cover Australia, ASEAN (excluding Malaysia), China, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and South Korea.

Dato’ Mohd Emir said: “These agreements give FGV a significant competitive advantage in supplying graphene to the region’s numerous high-value manufacturers. Our ability to produce and distribute commercial volumes of graphene, which exceed the quality of rival products in the market, will revolutionise manufacturing industries throughout the region.”

In April, FGV had already moved to expand its global graphene footprint by signing a deal with Turkey’s Nanokomp Ileri Teknoloji Malzemeleri Arge Dan Ins San Tic Ltd Sti. (Nanokomp) for FGV-CNS to provide a supply of graphene and CNTs.

The forum, with the theme “Innovation for Sustainable Economic Growth through Advanced Materials”, was officiated by Yang Berhormat Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

It provides an ideal opportunity to network and forge connections in this dynamic and fast moving market. This premier forum was attended by executives, innovators, and investors gathered to network and learn about the business of emerging technologies, and prepare their firms.

Dato’ Emir concluded: “Downstream activities, such as graphene production, will position FGV to expand into innovative palm-based products in wider margin, higher growth industries. This will also protect upstream operations by providing greater product uptake, giving FGV long-term, sustainable and exciting growth prospects.”

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