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Kuala Lumpur, 28 August 2018 – The Board of Directors of FGV Holdings Berhad refers to the announcement of the Group’s financial results for its half year ended June 2018 and Bursa Announcement dated 16th May, 2018. The latter refers to forensic investigations initiated in late 2017, on various transactions that have resulted in exposing FGV to significant financial loss.

1.The performance of FGV for 1HFY2018

For the second quarter ended June 2018 (2Q2018), FGV recorded a revenue of RM3.44 billion compared to RM4.21 billion in the previous corresponding quarter. Profit before zakat and tax for 2Q2018 was RM1.25 million a 98.78% decline from the RM102.44 million registered in the previous corresponding quarter. (more…)

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FGV Holdings Berhad merujuk kepada artikel yang diterbitkan pada 3 Julai 2018, oleh Berita Harian Online, bertajuk “FGV Holdings jangan guris hati peneroka – ANAK”

FGV Holdings Berhad amat berbangga dengan asal usul kami yang bermula daripada program pekebun kecil pertama di Malaysia yang ditubuhkan di bawah Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan (FELDA).

FELDA, ditubuhkan sebagai program pembasmian kemiskinan dan telah mencapai kejayaan luar biasa, terutamanya pada awal penubuhannya. FGV sendiri mempunyai genetik hampir sama dengan FELDA dan sehingga hari ini masih terus bekerjasama rapat dengan pekebun kecil dan peneroka, yang membantu menghubungkan petani dengan pasaran. Malah, FGV diakui sebagai salah satu penyokong terbesar pekebun kecil di dunia.


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FGV Holdings Berhad refers to an article published on 3 July 2018, by Berita Harian Online, titled “FGV Holdings jangan guris hati peneroka – ANAK”

FGV Holdings Berhad is proud of its roots which run deep in Malaysia’s first smallholder programme established under the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda). FELDA, was established as a poverty alleviation programme and achieved remarkable success, especially in the early years.

FGV itself has its genesis in Felda and till today continues to work closely with smallholders and settler families, offering the critical link between farmer and marketplace. In fact, FGV is acknowledged as one of the largest supporters of smallholders in the world.

Today, six years after FGV’s listing on Bursa Malaysia, FELDA remains our largest shareholder and an important stakeholder, as are the settlers.

FGV is determined to champion the cause of all smallholders on the international stage, especially at a time when the industry’s license to operate is being challenged for a number of reasons.

FGV has always respected the position of our smallholder suppliers, including the settlers and will work hard to preserve and strengthen the bond we have with our smallholders.

FGV supports more than 112,000 FELDA settlers who produce and supply a third of our fresh fruit bunch (FFB). Another third of FGV’s production is from 350,000 ha of plantations that are managed by FGV under a Land Lease Agreement (LLA) with Felda.

FGV pays FELDA RM 250 million annually for the leasing of this land. In addition to that, FGV also shares 15% of it’s annual profit from the LLA-related land with Felda. Noteworthy to mention that every year since our listing, FGV has never failed to pay dividends to its shareholders.

FGV would also like to clarify that as at 1 June 2018, KPF owns 5.15% shares in FGV, which is 187,966,608 shares, not 800 million shares as reported.

We will continue to work towards ensuring all shareholders benefit from FGV’s growth and success.


Dato’ Zakaria Arshad
Group President & Chief Executive Officer
FGV Holdings Berhad

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